Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Better late than never.
On September 19, 1998, Heather and I finally got hitched after six years of shacking up. The lavish and costly production, caused much headache and heartache, but it was beautiful. It was also an excuse to get friends and family to travel from across the country to visit us.

Without further ado, here's some of the pictures from the event.

Guess what the weding theme was?!
I wanted to do full-on medival costumes, but Heather wanted something a little more traditional, so we compromised.

The night before the big day at a really expensive shindig thrown by Mom McCarthy (thanks Mom!) with our friends Vandanna and Sean.

The lineup.

Heather likes this picture, but I don't cuz I'm a tough guy.

The bride and her lovely mother.

The bride's family who travelled all the way from Missoura.

The best-man/friend and his lovely beau.

We must not forget the traditional, wedding night tatoos.
Heather, Iza, and I got ours at the Pair-O-Dice tattoo parlor in lovely Deep Ellum in Dallas.

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