What's a Goober?

What's a Goober?

Vandanna Says:
        Goobers are stubborn--they stick to their points of view and insist
        they are right no matter how much they have been proven wrong.

        they find wonder and amazement in simple things like straws, and
        cigarette boxes that smell like cloves, and little toys, and picket
        fences, and shadows growning longer...

        they talk about a computer game for half an hour to another goober
        across from them and completely ignore the two wonderful persons
        sitting next to them.

Dave Says:

Goober, adj. = 1. of, or pertaining to, someone who exhibits gooberosity;
               2. paradoxically naive and intelligent at the same time;
               3. being intoxicated while mournfully sober. i.e., "The
               psychology grad. student named Heather is such a goober
               for believing the tale about the spiders in the cactus!"

Goober, n.   = the state of being gooberish; one who exhibits the qualities
               of a goober; a bear of very little brain. "The computer
               engineer is such a goober for being friends with the goober
               goober Heather!"

Goober, adv. = acting remotely like a goober; "The Heather moved goober in
               a way."

Goober, v.   = to run counterclockwise and backwards at the same time; to
               lick pudding off the top of the pudding cup; to watch Blake's
               7; to forget to put dishwashing soap in the dishwasher; to
               have pink underwear from washing reds with whites; to have a
               shrine for a plastic snake; to ask for the remote while sitting
               on the couch although you are closer but someone else is already
               up; to drink an unearthly supply of Mountain Dew; to be excited
               by artificial flavors and preservatives; to prefer the taste
               of Ramen to real noodles; to mix Kool-aid without sugar. "Oh
               no! Heather goobered all over the kitchen floor again!"

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