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Pictures of Heath!

Pictures of Heather!

Pictures of Heath & Heather!

Hugh Year 1

Pictures of Hugh!

Wedding Pictures

Pictures of our Cats!

Goobers we are related to (they won't admit it)!
  Various Family Photos
  Our Niece Elizabeth
   Our Niece Alyssa
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Richardson Wildflower Festival 2003

Burning Flipside 2003

Sandy Lake Amusement Park June 2003

The First Camping Trip of 2003

New Orleans 2003

Camping Trip to Lake Ray Roberts July 2002

Burning Flipside 2002

Portland 2001

New Orleans 2001
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Karen and John's Wedding Shower 2001

Karen and John's Wedding 2001
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Goobers in New Orleans!(2000)

A Couple of Goobers!

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